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MIND US Survey - HYP Mental Health Campaign

3. Are you male/female/other?
4. Do you think young people have the right to a mental health day off from school when they are feeling ill with their mental health?
5. Do you know where to get support for your mental health?
6. Please tick what support has been useful for young people’s mental health
9. Have you tried to access support for your mental health from a service?
10. Have you been unsuccessful (i.e. did you feel the support was inadequate or you have been refused help)?
12. Would you like to be trained up to support your friends if they are struggling with their mental health, to be able to sign-post, helpfully respond (Mental Health first aid/first response training for young people)?
13. Would you like Mental Health first aid training / first response training for young people to be delivered in PSE classes?
16. What would you like to see in a Mental Health Support App?