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highlife All Inclusive Freeze / Cancellation Application

If you wish to cancel your membership you can use the form below. There is a 28 day cancellation notice period required and you may be required to give one final pro-rata payment which will also have factored in any payments received to date including the previous months direct debit.

You can keep your highlife card as you will still be able to use this on a pay as you go basis.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Update) - There is an option in the cancellation form below for you to freeze your membership if you would prefer to take that option - freezing your membership means that no payments are taken and it is very simple then to restart your membership when sites start to open. If you choose to cancel your membership you will need to complete a membership application form in future if you wish to rejoin as the system deletes your bank account information when we cancel your membership.

Please note though that we have to send the Direct Debit file to our bank a few days before Direct Debits are taken from your account each month so depending on when you submit this request, could have an impact on whether your payment will be taken or not.

The last dates to request a freeze or cancellation of your DD (to ensure your request is actioned in time for the next Direct Debit):
  • 30th April for May Direct Debit
  • 31st May for June Direct Debit
  • 2nd July for July Direct Debit
  • 3rd August for August Direct Debit
  • 25th August for September Direct Debit
  • 1st October for October Direct Debit
  • 2nd November for November Direct Debit
  • 2nd December for December Direct Debit
2. Are you the Direct Debit paying member? *This question is required.